What are the lengths you’ve gone to help a friend?

Answer by Pratyush Rathore:

I was the recipient in my case.

Second month of final sem of college, I fell ill to Malaria + Typhoid + Jaundice.

The problem:
As a result, was out of college for more than 3-4 weeks, being admit to a hospital. Now, even after I returned, I was advised not to take much work load. I had lost 30 pounds in weight and could barely walk a couple of km for about 3-4 weeks. So for about two months and a half, I practically read nothing.

Moreover, I had taken particularly harder courses at the start of the semester because, hey, grades didn't matter any more. So, here I was, facing end semester exams, and my passing out would depend on how I would fare in these exams. And I had to pass the courses because, I had taken joining for the new job 10 days after the college.

The help:
Here comes, 14th April, I had an exam of Advanced Theory of Computation course, and I just opened the book, first time. My friend, came to my room, and said, "Main tujhe padha deta hoon (let me guide you)". (He had done the same course last year)

I said, "Dude, you have NLP exam tomorrow and that's supposed to be hard".
He said, "Main nahi padhunga toh bhi aththi lag jaayegi, tu nahi padega toh fail ho jaayega. (If I won't prepare, I would get an 8, if you don't you will fail the course)"
And then he taught me all the concepts one by one for the next 6 hours or so.

Then, next day, he came back again, and taught me through Prof. Diwan's course (those from IIT Bombay would know). He taught me enough so that I could pass, and then some more so that I could pass respectably.
(Incidentally, I ended up doing well, but know for sure, that I would have failed at least the second one without his help.)

The price, he paid, for the help:
Here's this guy, who's a candidate for President's Gold Medal at the institute, risking his chances to help a friend pass a course. He went on to write two exams, without reading a single word on the last day.
(Incidentally, he secured perfect 10 in both despite that)

Lessons learned:

  • Taught me a lot about true friendship.
  • Not all toppers run after grades. There are some 'true' toppers.
  • Stereotyping people is a bad practice. The biggest anti social geek of all my friends had a heart of Gold.

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