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Truth Alone Prevails

The very words that define India on the government bills and documents are the above-stated ones, SATYA MEVA JAYATE. This has been the national motto of INDIA for a long time now and anyone with any connection with India is aware of the words. This drags the interest of any individual towards the moral values and the ethnicity of our existence that builds up the Indian society which is however criticized to not being followed in the modern India.

The other area that our mind points to, on hearing the words “Satya Meva Jayate” is the popular talk show by the same name that aired on Star TV network and on Doordarshan last year. The program targeted many social problems and outcast the very importance of humanity and the abuse to it done by many citizens across India.

I got an opportunity to attend a lecture by Mrs. Swati Bhatkal, the co-director of “Satya Meva Jayate” organized by my team in IIT Bombay. She explained many difficulties which their team had to face while covering and planning the show which includes the security of the persons showing up on the TV and many more. She said that even the poorest of the people offered them tea and requested to have a meal at their inn. This showed that the notion of “Mehman Bhagwan Hota Hai” , i.e., “God resides inside Guests’” is still prevalent in our society India. She took us through the cases she dealt with which includes a bold woman by the name Manju. She had been a victim of attempt to murder in her infant age by her father just because she was a girl. She now runs an NGO in the Haryana and Punjab area of India which deals with fighting against female foeticide and creating awareness about the same.

Eagerly waiting for season 2 of Satya Meva Jayate.


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