The Land of Snake Charmers

“The Land of Snake-Charmers and ancient Maharajas” has been the most vivid description that every grandfather in the West would have given to their grandchildren about India and where they must visit only for the purpose of photography and buying some of the random artifacts. Well, this theory appears quite unrealistic , given the current scenario of India. India has seen drastic achievement in the past decade. Not only did it become the third richest country (third biggest GDP) in the world, but also became the home to the second biggest defense force. “The Biggest Democracy” is the current phrase which almost every magazine or newspaper and even the political leaders describe India in any part of the World.

The current pleasure which India enjoys is this

Celebration on India’s Independence Day


India has become very reputed among other countries in the World. One of Pakistani news-reporter expressed his views that when an Indian film-artist is detained in New York airport for a couple of hours, Indian government warns USA for the same and an immediate apology is sent from America to India whereas they had been attacking Pakistani military forces since years and no apology sent even after Pakistan asked for it. So, there has been quite a significant status that India enjoys

images (1)                                            images


The above pictures show the U.S. President Barack Obama addressing his audience in St. Xavier College, Mumbai during his presidential tour to India in Nov 2010. While answering one of the questions from the students regarding foreign investments and F.D.I., he replied  that it didn’t matter to U.S. if India did not open its market for them a couple of decades ago, but now it does; given the fact that India being the third richest nation comprising a very vital percentage of potential buyers in the world is free to take the advantage of U.S. open markets but is not reciprocating the same. It would be unfair because both the countries have comparable national incomes which was not the case 20 years ago. He added that foreign investment would help in mutual benefit and development.


This certainly shows that the things aren’t that messy as they were in the near past. This country, India, has given homage to the call-centers of almost all multinationals and has important financial hubs in the cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, etc. The last decade had been very fruitful for India. It has attracted many Hollywood films for shooting which it never did before five years. In the recent past, India has achieved like never before. It has developed the first ICBM AGNI-V making it to the ELITE NUCLEAR CLUB(which already has USA, China, UK, France and Germany), first nuclear powered submarine INS ARIHANT, world’s cheapest one lac car TATA NANO, hosted the first ever WWE match in Mumbai, first Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, first Cricket World Cup, first Formula One – Grand Prix, first Manchester United tour, first United Nations Conference on Biodiversity, first Oscar and many more. Many of the multinationals like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and many others find landing in India as a point of very high significance in their timeline. The MNCs like Cisco Systems, General Motors and Intel have located their only R&D center outside USA in Bangalore. Bangalore is the magnet to many IT based companies worldwide and is the undeclared IT capital of India.

India holds the chair of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa) which is an association of 5 countries which are expected to overpass the current finance group G7(USA, UK, Canada, France, West Germany, Japan and Italy) by 2027 and would have a leading edge in every sector worldwide.

The current process of REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN helps India in many aspects as we get highly qualified Indians with degrees from elite universities abroad and return India to help it prosper to greater heights. This has been possible only because India has become capable enough to please them with a good salary and their own feeling of alienation in other countries.

P.S. India is now declared non-POLIO endemic country in 2012 owing to the fact that there has been no Polio case registered since Feb 2011.






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